Collection: Tumbles and Chips

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. Approx. 1in. or less makes them easy to use: 
Crystal and Stone Jewelry- Mostly wire wrapping, necklaces, pendants,  
Arts, Crafts, and Decoration- Can go into vases, candles, painting if small enough.  
Healing and Energy- Rock, crystals and polished stones have long been used to encourage healing and spiritual happiness, worn against the skin or placed on chakras to activate them, allowing the body to cleanse itself of negative energy and promote the flow of positive energy. 
Mediation-Many people struggle with maintaining concentrate during mindfulness and meditation exercises. Crystals and polished stones like quartz can help you achieve a greater depth of focus during meditation, providing you with a physical object to center on.  

Tumbles are also great for gridding and alter work.