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Arfvedsonite Tower

Arfvedsonite Tower

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Approx.  Height: 80-100mm 

Item # B48-105

Arfvedsonite Discovered in 1823, is a member of the amphibole group usually found in low silica but highly alkaline igneous rocks such as nepheline syenites.  Distinguished by its occurrence, darker streak and optical properties. Its color ranges from black to bluish black,

Metaphysical Properties:  Arfvedsonite is considered a powerful tool for psychics and expanding one's consciousness.

Arfvedsonite is on the birthstone list for Gemini or those born in the middle Summer months.

Chakra  Third Eye and Throat     Element Strom

Mined  in very limited localities around the world; Mount Saint Helen, Quebec, Southern Greenland, Kola Peninsula, Russia, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, and Germany.

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